Monday, June 25, 2012

Gardening Fails and Gardening Hails

I'm coming to you live from the middle of the Midwest drought.  Seriously, my poor plants are thirsty.  Watering them once a day is starting to become a bit of a chore.  As I was watering my garden, I realized a few things.  I have had some major accomplishments this year in gardening.  But with every proud moment comes the realization that some of your hard work just isn't paying off.  So without further adieu..... I bring to you a new series--- Gardening Fails and Gardening Hails.

Gardening Fail -  This planter......
 This planter looked like this a week ago......
Isn't it such a sad sight?  Stinkin' squirrels will be the death of me at this house!

The next few Gardening Fails have no pictures attached because it's just too sad.  I have managed to kill one of my hydrangea bushes.  Not sure if it's a watering situation or what, but boo nonetheless.  Also, with a few exceptions, I'm having the worst luck with my vines this year.  Last year I had more morning glory than I knew what to do with.  This year, I have the tiniest little vine that refuses to grow. 

Now on to the "glass is half full" segment of this blog.

Gardening Hail -- Successful use of Sevin!

My perilla plants appear to be saved, thanks to a healthy dose of chemicals.  I'm not ashamed to admit it.
Gardening Hail -- growing annual vines from seed.....

I started this Scarlett Runner Bean Vine way back in March, and I couldn't be happier.  It has grown so fast and provided some much needed and height and greenery against the fence.  When it's blooming, it has the sweetest little red flowers, and near the end of the growing season it will produce edible beans.

And the last Gardening Hail- Eggplant!

I spotted this little guy while I was weeding my raised bed and almost screamed.  Complete pride, like I'm a momma bear or something.  Grow little eggplant, grow.

These last couple pictures have nothing to do with Gardening Fails or Hails, but I just had to include them.  My husband and I babysat (overnight) my niece and nephew and survived!  Sorry to admit to their mother, but we did a lot of this:
......and a lot of this......

Oh well.  At least both kids were fed and clothed---- well, for the most part  ;)  

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  1. Ahhhh! My kids made the blog! Love it! Chubs looks so cute without his shirt on-such a manly man! By the way, I love your baby is so cute!