Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very Lincoln Birthday

If you know me in real life (not blogger world, although, now that you're here....nice to meet you!), you know that I am obsessed with all things Abraham Lincoln.  Last year for my birthday, my friends took me to the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois.... this year, I talked my husband into taking me to D.C.

I adore everything about D.C.  The monuments, the museums, even the 20-somethings who scurry around the city acting like they run the country.  I love it all.  I was thrilled when it turned out that Dustin was actually pretty easy to convince about the trip.  He hadn't been since he was a kid, so he agreed the trip would be great.

We spent a long weekend in D.C. and packed it full.  We (ahem, *I*) decided that the theme of the weekend would be Lincoln.  In honor of the theme, we started our first full day off by visiting Ford's Theatre and the House Where Lincoln Died.  

The House Where Lincoln Died had an awesome pile, stack (mountain??) of all the books ever written about Lincoln.  I'm at the bottom of the pile, rocking the 'thumbs up' for all things Lincoln.

The next day we toured the National Cathedral, Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court.  Right here seems like a good place to insert how amazing Dustin was to happily follow my lead and even humor me by allowing us to attend every "half hour" informational lecture that was offered.  He also proved to be quite the helpful photographer as I begged him to take my photo in front of all my favorite Supreme Court Justices.

The National Cathedral was truly stunning.  Hard to believe that it was only officially completed in the 1990s.  

We also squeezed in some time to try out 2Amys-- which is a restaurant I've been wanting to try since drooling over pictures on some of my favorite D.C. blogs.  

My birthday evening was spent in true Lincoln fashion.  We ate at the Lincoln Restaurant, which lived up to the hype.  The floor was tiled completely with pennies (over 700,000) and the drinks were served in copper cups and mason jars.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior, but I was too busy enjoying the amazing food. 

After dinner at The Lincoln Restaurant, we met up with my college roomie, Natalie, to see what else but Lincoln the movie.  After seeing Daniel Day Lewis rock my world as the Abraham Lincoln, we headed to the Lincoln Memorial.  Imagine me walking on cloud nine, and you have now just imagined how my 27th birthday went.

I'm still trying to catch on to this "capture every moment on camera" so you can blog about it later idea, so as much as I tried, I still failed to capture many of my favorite moments on camera.  We spent a great afternoon at Eastern Market where we picked up some vintage maps for our new house, and we also spent a great night  sipping margaritas at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana.  

As you can see, I had the best 27th birthday ever.  To sum up: Lincoln is the man, D.C. is my favorite city ever, and my plot to name my first born son 'Lincoln' is well underway.