Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is It Too Late To Post About Christmas?

It's January 9th, and my Christmas decorations are still up so I'm going to post about Christmas without guilt.

We hosted an ugly Christmas Sweater party before Christmas.
Here's all the proof you need  ;)  My sister borrowed this gem from our grandma and added her own special touch by giving the sweater the old tuck-a-roo.
Dustin found his get-up at Goodwill, but I think secretly he was loving it.

Other party guests.....

Ugh. After starting to upload these, I'm realizing I didn't get a shot of everybody nor did I manage to get a group shot.  Sorry party pals.
I'm posting this picture because this punch was DELICIOUS and made my house smell great (you boil ginger and rosemary to make the sugar syrup).

And here are some scenes from around our house from Christmas, even Edward and Bella get in on the Christmas action around here.
The lovebirds :)
Honest Abe also gets a special place on the tree
One of the first ornaments I ever bought
Red vintage chair was an early Christmas gift from my mother-in-law!
Ooh, Aah, the blurry lights

Christmas Eve, presents under the tree

Then came Christmas Day!  Dustin and I always wake up and make eggs benedict for breakfast.  I attempted to be all artsy and take pictures of the process, but I was quickly shot down.  If the phrase "Are you going to be taking pictures all morning" doesn't put your camera away quick, I don't know what does.  Boo.

We headed over to my parents for a beautiful Christmas dinner.
Grandma and my sister, Erin
This picture cracks me up
These two are hard to capture at the same time

We had such a great Christmas, but it always goes by too quickly.  Sometimes I wish I could just freeze the week right before Christmas rather than have all the hustle and bustle preparing.  Each year though, it becomes more and more clear that less is more during this busy season.  I'm thankful for every face in these pictures, and thankful for a Savior who humbled himself enough to come to this Earth as a tiny baby.  (And thankful to blog readers who oblige me enough to let me blather on about Christmas well past New Years). 

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