Monday, February 11, 2013

Goodwill Campaign Dresser

The best part of reading other people's blogs [...and believe me, I read quite a few] is that you discover the best ideas.  The worst part of reading others blogs is falling in love with a trend but you are unable [financially, can't find the piece, don't have the space, etc.] to attain the look.

I fell hard for the look of the campaign style furniture a couple years ago when I came across these beauties on two of my favorite blogs.

I scoured eBay, etsy, and other sites only to find expensive versions that I couldn't afford.  Fast forward two years later, and what do I come across in Goodwill?  Bam! Campaign* style dresser [I'm using the asterik because I believe that in order to be a true Campaign dresser it probably has to be made of real wood and not a thin layer of fake veneer, but who cares!]   I found this beauty for 19.99 at my local Goodwill store and knew the stars had aligned.
Isn't she pretty?

I won't lie, in her original state, the Campaign lady was a tough sell on the hubby.  I should also mention that Dustin and I had just sold our home and were living with my parents while waiting for our new house to close, so my Dad was thrilled to make room in his garage for this treasure.  I think he and I had a conversation that went something like this:
Me: Don't you love it?
Dad:  You realize it's a mess, has a broken drawer and is covered in fake veneer?
Me: Yeah, but it's a Campaign style dresser, Dad.
Dad: [insert long pause] A what?
No, I'm not pulling the drawer out for depth be broke.

I'd like to take a quick second to talk about trends here and when to follow trends and when to move along.  Obviously this dresser was trendy and is likely no longer so.  In fact, it's not likely to be appearing in any magazines anytime soon.  To prove my point, I read a fair amount of home decor blogs and haven't seen one of these puppies in probably over a year.  HOWEVER, the thing about trends is, I say go for it.  If you love a piece, the shape, the size, the hardware....then who cares?  I love the brass hardware on these types of dressers.  I've always been drawn to it and think I will be for a long time to come. 

The dresser itself needed a ton of sanding and repair work-- dents and scratches required wood filler and patience. I also had to decide whether or not to remove all the brass work in order to paint or to use tape.  I was too nervous about removing the nail headed brass pieces, so I just taped around them.

In order to get the paint clear to the edge without touching the brass, I busted on the exacto knife  [that's what we called them in jr. high art, but I'm not sure that's what they're called in the toolbox]

After hours of taping [If there's a quicker way to do this...don't bother telling me now], the dresser was ready to be primed.

The dressers sanded and patched 

I used Sherwin Williams Acrylic Enamel primer and paint, which was the closest thing I could find to oil-based.  I guess recent regulations make that stuff pretty hard to find. 

 Honestly, the enamel paint was really thick and sort of difficult to apply, but it covered and dried like a dream-- zero streaking.  I applied with a foam roller, and allowed plenty of time (a day or two) in between coats.

I ran into a few little "oopsies" along the way.  I guess my meticulous taping didn't protect against encroaching primer.  Or maybe I just slopped it on too haphazardly, but after removing the paint I was left with a lot of this..
Ugh.  Frustrating.  I ended up scraping it off and having to repaint with an artist's brush near the hardware.  AND before touching up I forgot to mix my paint, so there's a pretty noticeable difference in shade surrounding my brass hardware.  I plan on touching it all up again (after stirring the paint first!), but honestly, I just wanted this project to be done.

So here she is.... my out of trend, Goodwill, Campaign* style dresser, which I actually really love.

I also still have plans to buff up the brass....although hubby likes the weathered look, I'm thinking I want something with a bit more sparkle...we'll see.

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