Monday, February 18, 2013

It's Presidents' Day.....Everyday.

Happy Presidents' Day to all!  I had the day off of work...courts are closed + great boss = no work  :)

I love history and all things "Presidential."  True story-- I attended a Christian college for undergrad and during Chapel my roommate and I would play the Presidents Game.  What is the Presidents Game you ask?  Well, you attempt to write down as many of the U.S. Presidents as you can remember during the allotted Chapel time [this was before iPhones and Droids, so cheating wasn't a possibility]. The game was honestly the perfect Chapel game, because you looked like you were taking notes and anytime you got stuck on a name, you'd just peer up to the speaker and act like you were intently listening.  Anyhoo, my roomie and I had variations of this little game -- state capitals, Asian countries, African countries, etc.--but the Presidents was always the favorite, except when you get stuck on Millard Fillmore, because stinking President Fillmore, I forgot about him every time!

Wow....back to the point.  I love Presidents, especially Abraham Lincoln, and will use this holiday to showcase how I "ease" my obsession into my home decor.

Exhibit A: Gallery Wall

Lovely little gallery wall in my living room.  No glaring portraits of Honest Abe or a printed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation screaming off the walls.....but let's take a closer look.

Can you see it?

Cute little red row house, right?

See?  Historical AND fits with the gallery wall.....perfect combo.  To the right of this picture is a little plaque my mom got me for my birthday with my favorite Lincoln quote.

Who's inspired?  Me!

I also am a sucker for all corny Lincoln memorabilia.  When my friends took me to the Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield I blew like $50 on complete nonsense in the gift shop.  Abraham Lincoln pen? Yes, please.  Magnet? I'll take two.  T-shirt? Do your sizes run small or large?  Seriously, folks.  I bought it all.  

And lastly, my obsession is also practical.... I received these for my birthday this year.
While I appreciate the sentiment on the front of the case [I will heal your wound 
as I healed a nation!], actually using one
of these bad boys, i.e. using Lincoln's face to cover my wound, makes
me want to die.  

I hope this blog has left you all inspired to realize that you too can tactfully showcase your presidential memorabilia around your home, no matter the holiday. No need to only bring the goods out on Presidents' Day or George Washington's birthday.  Everyday is Presidents' Day!  Oh wait, did you not get that from all this?  


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