Friday, February 8, 2013

Scandal Review

Do you guys watch Scandal on ABC?  Well I do...did....still am, but am on the fence.

I love politics and all entertainment focused on politics.  I adore The West Wing [and would vote any day for Josiah Bartlett or Matt Santos, btw. Oh, and while we are btw-ing, C.J. Cregg is my idol], I'm loving Netflix's new House of Cards [I'm not done with is yet, no spoilers, please], and let's just say PBS's American Experience series on the Presidents is some of the best TV I've ever seen.

So of course when a new show comes on about a D.C. "fixer" who is having an affair with the President of the United States, I'm going to watch it.  The first season was awesome.  I loved the chemistry between Fitz (the Prez) and Olivia (the Fixer), and I will admit to even you-tubing Olivia and Fitz videos.  I was hooked.

Then came Season 2, and honestly, folks, I'm over it.  Kerry Washington's intensity as Olivia Pope (the Fixer) is starting to wear thin.  Every line she says is done with her neck craned forward, teeth gnashing, and eyes wild.  Olivia, we get it, you're intense.  And then there's Fitz (the President) who is more passionate about his obsession with Olivia than he is about actually running the country.  He's also getting to be a little whiny.

The highlights of the show for me are the U.S. Attorney, David Rosen (played by Josh Malinas...who also appeared on the West Wing) and crazy, ex-CIA operative, Huck Finn.  Everybody else needs to cool  it.  The melodrama, intense whispering, and undying devotion to Olivia Pope is getting old.

.....and that's coming from someone who you-tubed Olivia and Fitz videos for goodness sake.

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