Friday, April 19, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus----Spring has sprung!!
I have always loved Spring--watching the forsythia, tulips, and magnolia trees all start to bloom-- love love love.  This Spring has been especially fun.  We moved into our new house in November, so while a lot of the landscaping still had its shape, all of the color and most leaves were gone, leaving me with quite the guessing game this Spring.

Dustin has pulled into the driveway on a number of occasions to find me hunched over tiny patches of green with a rather quizzical look on my face.  Luckily, I've been able to figure out most of the plants---the stella de oro, beacon silver lamium, hydrangeas, and even a peony (!!) bush (Side note:  I planted two peony bushes at our last house and after much debating and researching, I decided to leave them there--insert sad face--so coming across one at this new house was thrilling.  I'm not exaggerating, I was LITERALLY thrilled).

Even though I've been able to name most of my plants, there are a few that have left me stumped.  I have some guesses, but that's about it.
This large bush is in our back flowerbed.  When we moved in during the Fall, it still had some green leaves and petite white/feathery flowers left.  The stalks are hollow and emerge brand new from the ground each year (meaning I need to probably cut the rest of this back--I'd been waiting to decide what to do)
New growth-hollow stalks.  Even Google couldn't help me with this one---
I have zero guesses what this perennial is

Also in the back flowerbed....Tiger lilies?

My guess is hydrangea--although I have no idea what kind.  The only kind
I've ever grown bloom from old wood, so this new growth from the ground
is new, but the leaves and stems are familiar.

More Tiger Lilies?

I'm 99% positive this is a peony bush!  If anyone else has other ideas, don't tell me...
I'll just be disappointed  :)

I have these all over the flowerbeds in the front yard
and side flowerbeds.....Iris?

This ground cover is all over the front flowerbed, but I'm clueless.  It kind of looks like parsley--haha.

The chartreuse leaves are making me think Spirea?

Iris with variegated leaves?

No clue?

This is one I'm most excited about---it's growing really quickly, and I'm wondering 
if it'll get any higher, but so far, I'm loving it.

Some type of salvia?

Well there you have it.....everything appears to be coming up roses around here....or some other yet to be determined plants.  Can't wait to see all these bad boys grow!!  

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