Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lettuce Start Gardening!

Corny titles for blog posts using gardening humor?

Moving on.  I may be about a month late, but I finally got my lettuce varieties in the ground.  Unlike other vegetables, lettuces can tolerate the spring time chill, so you can plant them in early spring.  Because I was so limited in space at our old house with the raised bed, I only ever grew arugula.  But this year, I've got quite the little plot so I'm growing several lettuces (I'm attempting to pluralize "lettuce," but I think I'm doing it wrong.)  Anyhoo..... Finally got the plants in the ground and utilized a little trick for the garden tags.  

Seed packet plus plastic fork equals......
Instant garden stake.  I don't expect these tags to last all season.  I'm just hoping they
last long enough to allow some sprouts to shoot up and allow me to see what's growing where.

Tad out of focus here....this is what happens when you try to take
pictures at ground level while simultaneously attempting to keep
your staring neighbors from not thinking you are a crazy person.

Little off center?  Neighbor pressure, I'll tell ya! I'm laying down in my 
garden to get a good shot for my blog!  Leave me alone.

I'm the most excited about these seeds.  I love swiss chard and it's so stinking
expensive in the come on little seeds, grow, grow, grow!

Here's how my lettuce section currently looks.  Don't mind that green mound of chives
in the background.  Dustin almost dug it out a couple weeks ago until he took
one whiff and realized what it was.  Perennial herbs, I love you!  You can also see the brick herb garden in the back of this picture---it contains rosemary, mint, and oregano.  All perennial---who knew?!

Here's the garden left to me by the previous owners.  Very cute and probably close to three times
the size of my raised bed at our last house.  As I'm posting these pictures and typing
these captions, I'm starting to rethink the positioning of my lettuce at the front of the bed.  A little shade and protection from the taller plants that will eventually fill in this space 
(tomatoes, peppers, etc.) might have helped if I would have placed them up front....oh well, live and learn I guess.  Lettuce find out  ;)

This picture has nothing to do with lettuce, but I finally got
around to potting this plant I got from our trip to IKEA a few weeks ago.  
He deserved his moment of glory on the 'ol blog.

This is my first attempt at planting any types of lettuce other than arugula, so we'll see how it goes.  I've heard that the summer heat destroys most lettuce varieties so you have to enjoy while you can and then replant again for additional growth in the fall if you want.  I've also read that you can transplant your lettuce into pots and place them in cooler/shadier locations of your yard for summer-long production, but we'll see.  

I apologize the pictures in this post are so dark.  Unfortunately, this full-time job business during the day really gets in the way of my ability to get evening projects done and photographed in good light--who knew?

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