Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Seattle- Part I

Last week I went to visit dear friends, Ali and Jonny, out in Seattle.  Ali moved there with her husband, Jonny when he got a great job opportunity last fall, so I've been dying to make a trip ever since.  I traveled with two other amigos, Josh and Danielle, and we had the best time!

I'd never been to the Pacific Northwest, and I was amazed.  We of course did all the Seattle "usual" places--Space Needle, first Starbucks, Public Market Center--which were fun to see.  Ali and Jonny also took us to the Olympic Peninsula where we made stops in Sequim (pronounced Skwim), Forks (hello Twilight!), Ruby Beach, and Kalaloch Lodge on the coast.  I could go on and on about the week----spending a week with your best friends in a beautiful location is really something to be thankful for.  It's a trip I'll never forget.  Now for the obligatory photo dump.
These are photos near the beginning of our trip- at Public Center Market, Chateau St. Michelle, Freemont Troll, and generally around town.
Josh LOVES the middle seat and requested it each time  ;)

This was taken at the famous fish market---you know the one
where they throw fish, and people catch it.  I'll have to say, the
workers there seemed grouchy and told you that if you weren't buying anything
to please move along.  Well then, good sirs, don't put on a show for me 
to watch!  

I can give you a couple of universal truths about me and my friends......
if there is a cardboard face cutout opportunity, we're all 
over it---like pushing little kids out of the way---over it.

Second universal friend truth.....
We never take a bad picture--the ultimate pros.


Famous gum nasty.
Freemont Troll
Chateau St. Michelle

A beautiful greenhouse on the winery's property.
Let's just say, winery plus this greenhouse is like my dream.

This was clearly an old abandoned greenhouse on the winery's property, but
We visited Chihuly's Glass Museum.  He's the 
fella responsible for all the beautiful glasswork
found around the world, including the ceiling at the Bellagio.

Third and final friend truth......Puzzle time is always a good time.

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