Thursday, May 30, 2013

Seattle- Part II

During the middle of our Seattle visit, Ali and Jonny took us to the gorgeous Olympic Peninsula.  I'm here to tell you that I may be a nature convert after that little trip.  I'm not one to obsess over mother nature or even natural wonders----for some reason I've always been enthralled with buildings, historical sites, or architecture.  After seeing the Olympic Peninsula, however, I'm a convert.

The beautiful Lake Crescent.  I just couldn't get my camera to capture
the true blue, but this lake had zero algae (something about
the high level of nitrogen) so you could see straight to the bottom
and be completely mesmerized by the shade of blue.  

Group shot on the Lake
And Jonny taught me about my panoramic changer, folks.

Ruby Beach

See these rocks?  Yeah, I took these and about a dozen
others home.  My poor friend, Ali, attempted to send a 2nd
suitcase home with me (for her convenience...she's returning in 
a couple of weeks), and my rocks (....and wine....and thrift shop
finds.....and souvenirs...) put us over the 50 lb. limit...oops.

Kalaloch Lodge where we spent one night in a cabin on 
the beach.  No internet or cell service, which was actually quite nice!

Amazing how much reading you get done when there's no technology.
Also, in the true style of roughing it....I'm drinking wine out of a mug.

TWILIGHT! Forks was something else I tell ya.  It was so small and completely 
hard to get to.  Like take a plane to Seattle, take a ferry to the Olympic Peninsula, and drive for two house---hard.    A local waitress said the town is packed
with tourists in the summer.  She also added, "I don't give
a sh** about that vampire movie, but it's good for business."
These Twihards are serious!

After writing this post, I'm realizing a failed to capture a lot of memories  :/.  We took several ferry trips.  One trip even included driving our car onto the ferry----whoa---modern engineering, I tell ya.  I also failed to get many of the drive through the peninsula- but the views were breathtaking.  The town, Sequim was super quaint---and we enjoyed 2 stops a local coffee shop while there. (I also found a garden store where I met my Washington soulmate---a little old lady offering gardening tricks and who said I was a pretty young lady).
Almost bought this.....the version of me, standing in line
to weight my two overweight bags is glad I didn't 

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