Monday, June 17, 2013

Garden Update

It's been a busy few weeks around here, but the garden continues to flourish despite my neglect.  We've had a lot of rain, so everything is surviving just fine.

The arugula and other lettuce are thriving.  All this arugula is feeding my craving for Barefoot Contessa's arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette.  (Recipe here)

In keeping with my goal to stay chemical-free, I'm utilizing a different type of fertilizer this year.  Everything I've read about great veggies/flowers says that soil is king.  If you have healthy soil, you'll get healthy plants.  So I worked Dr. Earth fertilizer into my compost and covered the entire garden in it before planting.  I also used the Dr. Earth to create a liquid fertilizer for my potted annuals.  The plants are loving it, but the stuff stinks!  Phew!  I'm learning that the smellier the fertilizer, the better (think fish emulsion).

In indoor gardening news, my valentine's day gift (a ponytail palm....why get flowers when you can receive houseplants?) got a bad case of mealy bugs!  Yuck.  

Happy Valentine's Day to me :)

Those tiny little fuzzy white things are bugs---oh my!  I was worried I'd have to throw the entire plant out it was that bad, but luckily I researched and learned that rubbing alcohol will kill off the mealy bugs.  
Stinking mealy bugs........nothing a little rubbing alcohol and 
an hour of scrubbing leaves can't fix.

Back to the outdoors, the previous owners of this house left the mulch beds full of perennials, so I've gotten to spend most of time (and gardening budget) on my containers.

My favorite gardening find this season.  This container was 75% off from 
Garden Ridge because it was missing several screws.  Dustin helped me make do 
without and ended up hanging the container with just one screw.  

My little gardening helper  :)

As much as I miss our little bungalow, I'm so happy with our new house and all the space it's provided. Last year, I remember spending hours in my garden and yard but never getting to spend any time outdoors to enjoy it because of pesky neighbors.  This year, we're able to enjoy coffee on the porch in the mornings, dinner in the evenings, and cookouts on the weekends.  Glad we moved!

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