Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

On Friday, Dustin and I celebrated 5 years of marriage.  It's hard to believe it's been 5 years!  We've lived in 3 places, owned 2 homes,  graduated law school, and changed jobs multiple times---but we're still here!

Without sounding like too much of a sap, I'm incredibly thankful for these last 5 years.  We got married young (22 & 24), so we've done a lot of growing up together. We've tested each other in many ways, but we've also done a lot of growing.  When we first got married, I worried about leaving my family and making a home with Dustin.  At the time, it was hard to imagine a reality where my parents' home would no longer feel like my own.  But I look around today, and Dustin truly is my home.  This little life we've created is pretty great.

Dustin surprised me with the most thoughtful gift for our anniversary.  He sent pictures of my wedding dress to an artist and she painted it!  He even asked her to take a special request and include my "something blue" shoes.  I sobbed when I opened it---I will cherish it forever.

We also kept with our favorite tradition and ate at our favorite restaurant.  The menu changes daily, and is 4 courses of the most amazing food I've ever had.  I always mean to take photos of some of the dishes, but the food it just too good, I can't!

The restaurant is called Recess, and the menu is printed daily.
June 28th  :)  We got to celebrate on our actual anniversary.

Before dinner photo op.....

And we even got some shots with the other member of our family  ;)

Family pic!  The best we could do, Fletch was not having it.

Here we are on our wedding day.

Little babies, I tell ya!  

As I was looking through wedding pictures to find a pic for the blog, I realized how long it had been since I'd seen my wedding photos.  We had such a beautiful day.  I love looking through the photos and seeing the people who are so dear to us.  I also love remembering all the details--flowers, cake, etc.  


 I love this photo so much, but 
it does deserve a little explaining.  This is at the end of the aisle
and I love how I'm smiling at Dustin, but almost as much, I love
that my Grandma (in green) is holding a barney doll. My niece, 
Avery, served as one of the flower girls and had been crying 
the entire day.  Right before we were heading down the aisle
we literally could not get her to stop. So the wedding planner handed 
her the barney doll from the church nursery.  Problem solved!  So Avery made 
her way down the aisle with Barney.  Plus,
the purple coordinated well with my colors  :)  

 This was Dustin's surprise groom cake-  for my little
tech guy  :)

 Very dear friends who served as our seating attendants

 Instead of throwing my bouquet, I gave it away to my sweet Grandmother who
means the absolute world to me.

 My three beautiful sisters served as my bridesmaids.

I love looking back on this day!  Happy 5 years to us, Dustin!  And to many more.

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