Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's The Little Things (II)

Back in January, I promised myself that whenever life got a little tiring, I'd do my best to focus on the "little things"  --- the little things that bring a smile, laugh, or just otherwise brighten up the day.

So anytime I start feeling like this:

.........I just think of the little things.....and suddenly I feel like this:

This week's little things:

I went to the cutest antique resale shop last weekend with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and found a beautiful table.

Here she is in mi casa.....with a little friend who likes hiding underneath it.

Our butterfly bush is in full bloom outside our bedroom window, and it's gorgeous.

Thank you mother nature for coordinating with my 
bedding so well.

Little Fletch has developed a bit of a biting habit.  He's so little, so I hate to discipline him too hard, but I also want to nip the habit in the bud.  So tonight Dustin googled some videos about cat behavior (.....please do not judge us....I swear we are normal), and Fletch sat there enthralled.  Hopefully, he learned something  :)

Speaking of Fletch, biting or no biting, this little guy always makes a long day better.  This is generally how we spend our evenings.  

And lastly, our beautiful landscaping (which I cannot take credit for...previous owners, THANKYOU!) provides the best flower arrangements.

Please watch the clip in the hyperlink  and you will understand
why I say "It's for Free" anywhere applicable....and
sometimes where it doesn't apply at all.

Happy Sunday, folks.  Hope you have plenty of little things to get you through the work week.

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