Sunday, June 9, 2013


Well, not even a month after I wrote this post about adding to our family.........  we have.  Well, a pet that is.  Dustin and I have been going back and forth for the last several months about getting a puppy but just haven't found the time or resources to follow through.

Little did we know, but last Saturday night, our decision whether or not to get a pet was made for us.  I had been babysitting my niece and nephew earlier in the day, and while were playing outside near a tree in our front yard I heard my niece scream my name.  [BTW, this is the absolute most horrific sound to hear when you are babysitting].   I run over and see a tiny orange kitten just sitting at the base of the tree.  My little niece scoops him up, and we both sort of stare at each other wondering what to do.

We decided to leave the little kitten out near the tree (in hopes that momma would make her way back to him---we have several strays in the neighborhood.  In fact, just a couple days earlier when I was mulching, a cat darted from our flowerbeds as if she'd been cozied up there for a while... so I was fairly confident kitty would be back with momma cat in no time). He stayed under that tree for the next couple of hours, and my heart continued to break, but I just wasn't sure what to do.  Dustin and I left to go out to eat, and when we returned I noticed that kitty was no longer under the tree.  I have to admit, I breathed a huge sigh of relief, optimistically hoping that his momma had scooped him back up.

Well, not even a second later I see that the poor little kitten had crawled across our entire yard and up onto our porch.  I immediately picked him up, and he instantly starting trying to nudge my chest to nurse.  Oh my....if that didn't make my heart break.  I burst into tears and proclaimed to Dustin that I had to take care of this kitten.  So I rushed out to Walmart to pick up kitten formula and a bottle.

My friend, Ali (who is an animal lover), was sweet enough to come by and helped me bottle feed him and comfort him. I ended up keeping him out on our back porch in a large box that night (still secretly praying that momma would come find him), setting my alarm for every 3 hours to wake up to feed and check on him.  The next morning, on Sunday, we went to a local shelter to check and see if they would take him in.  The volunteer there said she couldn't take on a small kitten that day but that she could find a foster home for him by Wednesday.  She tasked us with keeping him healthy for the next few days, and sent us on our way.  

This is the photo I emailed to the animal shelter
asking them if they could take on another kitten

Well, folks, Wednesday rolled around and I just could not imagine giving this little guy away.  I was in love.  I even made it official by heading to the pet section in Homegoods (never ever wandered near that aisle before) to buy a comfy bed and food bowls for our little guy.

Never in a million years did I think we'd have a cat, and never did I think we'd get a pet this way....but I think it was meant to be.  

Without further ado.....we introduce Fletcher "Fletch" Erro.  Erro means "stray/wanderer" in Latin, and Fletcher is honestly the only name we could agree on  :) 

 Little Fletch is already a part of our family and has made himself quite comfortable around here.

This is how Fletch prefers to spend his time while Dustin 
works from home.  He never gets too far from either of us.

Welcome Home, Fletch!  We are so happy you found us.

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