Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chicago Trip

This past weekend, my friend and I ventured up to Chicago to visit our dear friend who moved there a few months ago.  It was a quick weekend trip, but we had a blast.  (Minus being stuck in traffic forever because of an awful semi fire....luckily I read afterwards that the driver wasn't injured).

On Saturday, we drove up just north of the city to the Chicago Botanic Garden.  All I can say is, wow!  The entire grounds were unreal.  I honestly wish I could go back every other week since there were so many things not yet blooming and we also just missed the tail end of the spring blooms.  If you are near the Chicago area, it is well worth the trip.  

One of my favorite parts of the gardens were the handwritten signs by the staff that contained little "factoids" regarding the layouts and actual plants.  In fact, a lot of areas had signs discussing the damage the gardens suffered because of the horrible winter.  Most of their knockout rose bushes were significantly knocked-out (pun definitely intended).  You could tell the rose bushes were at least a quarter the size as the year before.  It made me feel a lot better about my own knock-outs that are barely little shrubs this year.  

It may be hard to tell from this pic because of the sunlight, but this 
was an adorable water feature.  The water came from the turtle's mouth
and trickled down the stone into the small basin below.  It was just enough
sound to be very tranquil.  I'd love to try to mimic this in my own yard this summer!

The Botanic Garden was divided into different sections based on style of garden.  The English section was my absolute favorite.  The brick walls, trellises, ponds, and punches of royal blue made the entire section feel so cozy.  I got several ideas, including the wooden framed trellises up against the brick.  Our entire house is brick, so I think I can mimic this pretty easily.  I also love the placement of pots and benches throughout the flower beds.  

After the Botanic Garden, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner near Navy Pier and also some famous Garret popcorn while taking in some fireworks.  

Probably a "ya had to be there story," but I'll tell it anyway. While I was 
waiting on the small popcorn I ordered, the cashier called my name and handed
me this baby bag.  I looked at her and proclaimed, "This is the small?!?"  She 
bust up laughing and said, "Ma'am, that's your salt."  My friends then proceeded 
to inform the cashier that I am an attorney.  How embarrassing.  

In addition to taking in the sights, we also met our friend's adorable chocolate Shih Tzu, named Reggie.  He was of course adorable, and it was rather funny to see our friend become a "daddy."  

I'm thankful for a great weekend with wonderful friends!  Don't worry, Chicago, I'll be back.

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